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The main differences between sterilized masks and non-sterile masks are the degree of sterilization, microbial indicators and uses, etc.

1. Degree of sterilization

The degree of sterilization is one of the differences between sterilization and non-sterilization of disposable masks. Although both are produced in aseptic workshops, the degree and standard of sterilization of sterile masks will be far greater than that of non-sterile masks. And the aseptic level of the sterile mask workshop will be higher than that of the non-sterile type.

2. Microbiological indicators

Both disposable sterile masks and non-sterile masks are disposable medical masks, which are produced in accordance with YY/T 0969. However, the microbiological indicators of the two masks are also different. The sterilized masks require sterility. , Non-sterilized masks only have limited requirements for microorganisms.

3. Purpose

Non-sterile disposable masks usually refer to ordinary dust masks. This kind of masks are used in factory workshops. Usually, you can wear this kind of mask for protection in haze or windy weather, while sterilized masks It is used more in hospitals.

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