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Nano-silver masks are manufactured by Anhui Weiyin Bio-Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., using the principle of nano-silver anti-virus air filtration technology. There are 5 floors inside and outside. The middle three layers are activated carbon deodorant layer, pm2.5 filter layer and deep filter layer, which can filter out fine particles with a diameter of less than 2.5 microns in the air, and has excellent anti-haze performance; at the same time, the use of nano silver antibacterial performance makes The mask itself has an antibacterial effect, and its antiviral ability can kill bacteria exhaled in the mouth. In addition, it has a strong killing effect on more than 650 viruses such as avian influenza and Newcastle disease. Tested by authoritative testing institutions such as the National Labor Protection Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the Poultry Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and SGS Swiss General Notary Office: PM2.5 filtration effect meets and exceeds the GB2626-2006KN95 standard; virus inactivation rate and bacteriostatic rate are both >99%, antibacterial, antiviral and high anti-flu efficiency.


1. Nano silver material, double protection: two layers of nano silver anti-virus and anti-bacterial high-tech filter material inside and outside, high-efficiency anti-bacterial and anti-virus.
2. Activated carbon odor removal layer: Effectively adsorb formaldehyde, sulfur dioxide, automobile exhaust and other harmful gas molecules.
3. PM2.5 filter layer: effective filtration of inhalable particles, reaching and exceeding the GB2626-2006KN95 filtration level, the effective filtration rate is as high as 99.8%.
4. Ergonomic nose clip design: to ensure that the mask fits the facial structure, the sealing is stronger, and the leakage rate is effectively reduced.
5. Ergonomic nose pads: improve wearing comfort, effectively prevent the exhaled air from condensing on the lenses when wearing glasses and affecting vision.
6. Breathing valve design: lower breathing resistance, strong air permeability, and more comfortable breathing.
7. High-quality elastic earbands: good elasticity, good elasticity, and comfortable to wear.
8. Skin-friendly and weak acid concept: Weak acid fabric is used to protect facial skin without irritating the skin.
9. Self-adjusting patent buckle: It can be adjusted freely according to the shape of the individual’s face to ensure that the mask fits the face.

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