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Nano film mask is a new type of mask with a single layer of nano PTFE film material as the core filter material. It has excellent breathability and protective properties, reflecting the mainstream development direction of masks in the future.


The core material of the membrane mask is PTFE nano-membrane, and the diameter of the membrane fiber is between 100 and 200 nanometers. The membrane mask made of this material mainly has the following three characteristics: First, the barrier efficiency is high. Mainly because the fiber diameter of the material used is smaller than that of traditional materials (the fiber diameter of the non-woven material used in traditional masks exceeds 1000 nanometers), it can effectively block PM2.5 in the air (the aerodynamic equivalent diameter is less than Or equal to 2500 nanometers of particulate matter), and effectively reduce the concentration of bacteria and viruses in the air; secondly, it has a longer service life. The reason is that it uses physical principles to isolate air pollutants and is more durable (the non-woven materials used in traditional masks need to rely on static electricity to absorb particulate matter due to the large fiber diameter, and static electricity is affected by temperature and humidity in the environment. It will fail in a short time, so it can only be used once); 3. It is easier to breathe freely when wearing, which mainly depends on the better breathability and moisture resistance of the nano film.

In short, film masks have excellent air permeability and protective properties, reflecting the mainstream development direction of masks in the future.

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