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Duckbill masks, also known as duckbill masks, are used to protect very small dust particles. The inner and outer layers are made of soft P.P. cloth, which can reduce fiber shedding and increase wearing comfort. The main feature is easy to fold and easy to carry. The electrostatically treated high-efficiency filter layer effectively separates and adsorbs very fine and harmful dust. The adjustable nose clip and built-in nose pad make the mask cover and the face seal better, which is suitable for various facial shapes.

Scope of use

Mining industry, construction industry, foundry industry, grinding and pharmaceutical industry, agriculture and gardening, forestry and animal husbandry, subway engineering, electronics and instrument manufacturing, food processing industry, cement factory, textile factory, tool and hardware factory, sheet metal polishing, polishing , Cutting, crushing operations, etc., can effectively prevent harmful pollutants such as non-ferrous metals and heavy metals

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