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The biggest difference between bandage masks and ordinary masks lies in the way they are worn. The correct way to wear a bandage mask is to disinfect both hands first, then take the mask out of the paper bag, and correctly distinguish the inside and outside of the mask. Tie the two straps on the lower side of the neck and tighten them so that the lower edge of the mask reaches the bottom of the bottom, then pull up the upper edge of the mask to cover the mouth and nose, and tighten the two upper straps. Tie tightly behind the ears and on the head, then press the mask with both index fingers to make it close to the skin of the nose, and then gradually move the index finger to the sides to make the whole mask close to the skin of the face. Disinfect both hands after using the mask. At the same time, place the mask in a cool, dry and ventilated environment to extend the life of the mask.

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