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The anti-static mask is woven by special polyester filament and high-performance permanent conductive fiber through a special process. It has excellent and durable anti-static and dust-proof performance, which can effectively release the electrostatic charge of the human body. The density of clean silk fabrics is higher than that of ordinary silk fabrics, which can achieve lint-free, ball-free, non-shedding fiber, no dust, no dust penetration, good air tightness, and can effectively sterilize and inhibit bacteria; it can prevent the breath from the mouth and nose Carrying particulate matter pollutes and purifies the air. In addition, this kind of anti-static fabric has dual properties: permanent anti-static and dust-proof effects are particularly good, can be used in 100-10000 clean rooms, up to international standards.

Scope of application:

Production workshops for semiconductors, chips, microprocessors, etc.
Circuit board production workshop
Precision instrument production workshop
Optical product production workshop
PCB product production workshop
Plastic factory production workshop
Food factory production workshop
Pharmaceutical laboratories and scientific research laboratories
Dust-free workshops, purification workshops, etc. of major factories
Can have a significant effect on individuals with high electrostatic index

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